Value of the English language Teaching Market

Are you curious about where the English Language Teaching world is at in 2020? This, the year that affected all of our lives in so many ways. 

In order to get a sense of where the industry stands at this moment, and in response to news organisations and media requests, The TEFL Academy has conducted an in-depth analysis of the industry as a whole.

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Alongside our analysis we conducted a survey of qualified and aspiring English language teachers. Through this process we have compiled the most up-to-date information on the English language market as a whole.

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  1. The value of the English Language Teaching Market 
  2. Language Travel and Student Mobility
  3. Trends in the EFL Market
  4. Shift To Online Teaching
  5. How COVID has impacted TEFL Teachers’ Journey
  6. Attitudes Towards Teaching Abroad in 2020 and Beyond
  7. Teaching English Online in 2020 and Beyond
The Value of the English language Teaching Market 

ELT stands for English Language Training. ELT can be used interchangeably with TEFL. It is training of teaching English to advanced learners language skills and competency in an international environment

An impressive 20% of the Earth’s population are English speaking learners— that’s an estimated 1.5 billion people. It’s the world’s most commonly studied foreign and it is spoken in more than 100 countries. No wonder there are so many TEFL positions available across the globe. As the world population grows the number of people looking to study English increases steadily. 

In the UK, the ELT market creates £1.4 bn annually by 550,000 international students who travel to study English. This market create 35,000 jobs for TEFL teachers in the UK. 
In South Africa, the English teaching market was worth R870,198,781 (US$65,104,587) in 2018.
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