Prepare for the TOEFL test training

When you choose the TOEFL test to demonstrate your English proficiency, you’ll have access to our full line of official test prep resources to help you do your best and stand out to admissions officers. Purchase materials through your ETS account or practice with our free resources to prepare for success!

The TOEFL Reading section is designed to assess how well you can read and understand the kind of materials used in an academic environment. It includes 3 or 4 reading passages, each approximately 700 words long, with 10 questions per passage. You have 54 to 72 minutes to answer all the questions in the section.

Reading passages are excerpts from university-level textbooks that would be used in introductions to a discipline or topic. The passages cover a variety of different subjects. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the topic of a passage. All the information you need to answer the questions will be included in the passage. There is a glossary feature available to define words not commonly used, if you need it. Read More

The test you take may include extra questions in the Reading or Listening sections that don’t count toward your score. These questions help ETS to:

  • make test scores comparable across administrations
  • determine how such questions function under actual testing conditions
  • Presents information with some organisation but there may be a lack of overall progression
  • Makes inadequate, inaccurate or over-use of cohesive devices
  • May be repetitive because of lack of referencing and substitution

Your response for Highlight Incorrect Words is judged on your ability to listen for and point out the differences between a recording and a transcription. Each selected word is scored as either correct or incorrect. If all the selected words are correct, you receive the maximum score points for this question type. If one or more selected words are incorrect, partial credit scoring applies. This is the third of three question types where you can lose points if you choose any incorrect options. For any wrong options chosen 1 point is deducted, whilst correct options are given 1 point. Make sure you are confident in your choices.